What is DRan’s Wonder Tea Tree Spot Gel for?

Effective gel solution helps to relieve sensitive skin, clear pores and extract impurities from the skin. It’s ideal for sensitive, acne prone skin or for inflammation. Click for more details.

How to use DRan’s Wonder Tea Tree Spot Gel:

After cleansing and applying toner, dab this Tea Tree Spot Gel on troubled skin spots, rubbing gently until it is completely absorbed.

What is DRan’s Wonder Tea Tree Calming Toner for?

Calming toner helps to purify skin and fight bacteria present on the skin’s surface. Keeping your skin under control from oils, and irritations all while cleansing pores. Click for more details.

How to Use DRan’s Wonder Tea Tree Toner:

Before cleansing, apply toner to a cotton pad and gently swipe across the skin, avoiding the eye area.

What is DRan’s Wonder Tea Tree Essence used for?

Essence is a highly concentrated skin care product with active ingredients. It helps cool down problematic skin, reduces irritation and helps to tighten skin, for a more firm youthful look. Essence is absorbed into the skin which helps reduce the size and look of pores and can also be used in your shampoo to combat an oily scalp, or combined with your favorite foundation to hydrate as you enhance your features. Click for more details.

How to use DRan’s Wonder Tea Tree Essence:

After cleansing the face and applying toner, apple serum to affected areas of the skin, rubbing softly until completely absorbed.

What is DRan’s Wonder Tea Tree Oil used for?

Tea tree oil for skin is considered one of the most effective skincare remedies for acne. Other uses for tea tree oil can be for hair and scalp, skin inflammation, including eczema and for psoriasis. Light uses can be to help remove makeup, soften dry cuticles, soothe sores, and more. Click for more details.

How to use DRan’s Wonder Tea Tree Oil:

After cleansing, apply just a few drops to your palm and gently swirl into skin. Can be used twice daily to improve the look and feel of skin.

What is DRan’s Wonder Tea Tree Calming Cream used for?

Tea Tree Cream is used to help hydrate skin without any greasy, heavy residue. Perfect for sensitive or aging skin, Tea Tree Calming Cream provides a barrier against moisture loss and can be alone or under makeup

How to Use DRan’s Wonder Tea Tree Calming Cream:

After cleansing and toning the skin, gently apply the cream to entire face and pat dry. To be used as a final step in your daily skincare regimen.


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